A Diamond Mind Mentality
The attitude for Success
What is a Diamond?

Many sales organizations have made this word (Diamond) their high level achievement recognition description but why? Many only look at a limited aspect of this fine gem. Does a Diamond represent the nice home, the nice car, the bling, bling, money in the bank and all of the so called successes?  It would seem so wouldn't’ it? Many companies and organizations that promote this word as a goal to achieve and those who have arrived at the achievement only view the material accumulations and miss the true meaning of becoming a gem worthy of being called a Diamond.

So what is a Diamond?

First we have to take a look at the specimen from the beginning and why they are used to point to high achievement goals. Diamonds are made of carbon, one of the softest materials on earth, but when carbon is under extreme pressure buried deep below more than 75 miles of rock and is in temperatures more that 2,192 F, it changes in to a diamond. Mother Nature has to toil for hundreds of years to make a Diamond. A Diamond comes from the bosom of the earth. One note, every 100 tons of mud produces one carat of a Diamond. There are different types of Diamonds. Diamonds are first rough Diamonds. These are the Glassy Diamonds that come out clean from the mines and does not require polishing; it is very rare to ever find a glassy Diamond. Then there is the octahedron. The next time you look at a Diamond think of all of the work, time, energy and resources that have gone in to making that one DIAMOND.

Each of the terms below are key factors in a Diamond the gem. As you read them think about the meaning and its relativism to the human and his or hers sound diamond mind life progression.

There are several elements to a quality Diamond
1 Colour.
Colour is created by the light wavelengths a stone absorbs, transmits or reflects.

2. Transparency
Transparency. The level of transmitting light.

3. Cut
Cut or shaped, Tumbled (Rough stone ran through a tumbler to unsharpen the edges

4. Phenomena
To see the phenomena it is visible when you concentrate light on it. It is important for gemology because a lot of stones are categorized due their phenomenon.

Now that we have an idea of what a diamond the mineral, the rock is or its level of quality identified,  we can begin to see why it is chosen to identify the successful.  However used as total success is what the Diamond Mind Life attitude is all about.

Diamond Mind Life is an attitude and a following, It is a level of mind and heart achievement. It is much more than just material achievement, it is a level of mental and heart achievement. The achievement cannot be possible without the Gift that is made available by the only source that it can attained.

No schools in the nation teach this focus and attitude. It can only be learned by the awareness of its access, and a desire truly wanting to live it, accepting the only possible gift that would allow anyone to be able to chisel away the worldly magnetism and interest that makes its attempt impossible.

Diamond is a commitment to a way of life and a winning mentality that is guided by the quadron principles of success. on the quadron page of this website and the only truth

What is a Diamond mind
You are invited to live a Diamond mind life
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