Welcome to Diamond minds.

This web sites purpose is for people of all backgrounds and of either side of the financial spectrum to use as a guidepost to a higher level of foundational living principled practices that have no consideration on ethnicity or what anyone has or has not attained monetarily. In a world of diminished watered down values and political correctness, a higher level of thinking will always be a rewarding journey and will always be the rescue to many who will be presented the opportunity that can see the difference and want to strive to live it.

Oh what a foolish one spends their life shining the light upon themselves, pretending, purchasing for show, ignoring the most important, that what they have completely and successfully accomplished is that they have inflicted blindness upon themselves to which all others that are near with time can clearly see, that they are empty of possessing anything at all of real authentic care and of true eternal value.

To the monetary successful;
For those who have attained monetary success in the worldly description and have also been given the responsibility of leadership, it will be a ruler, a mirror for continuous improvement, a measuring stick. The daily chiseling away of the self indulging, egotistical, prideful infections, self righteousness, hypocritical testimony, and false beliefs that have been built up inside and have attached themselves that create what now by default become a sore unseen to us and a visible object of mediocrity and weakness that those who choose will strive to rid themselves of it. Most important and especially to the already self described successful individuals it will be the discovery and quiet self realization that we are not all that which our egos immense hunger needs to feed. As we walk in the process and continuous realization that the most complete truly successful people are those that have come to realize that the more they humble themselves, serve, and lift up others without the need of personal advertisement, self compliment or credit, the higher one rises becoming truly more valuable and successful.

To the rest;
For the vast majority of people who’s life is in the daily survival process and worldly success is not represented by the worlds description success definition, it will also be a ruler to ones own improvement. As the curtain is removed and the walk towards that life begins, it will be an important revelation in knowledge on what is really important, what to look for when looking for or at a so called mentor, a person, organization, or so called leader to place your stamp of approval on and or follow. Success is not one area of achievement but many. It is a daily work. 24 hours per day. Today there are many imposters and it is more important than ever to know how to see them clearly and move away from them when you realize who they are.

Eventually all who walk focused and making strives every day at becoming a Diamond mind will be changed for the better and as this way of focused life is learned and lived it becomes a shinning example that plays out in other peoples lives. Many will notice, some will be offended and intimidated with only the silence and self assurance of those who will not surrender to the alternative and many will not understand the none interest in those striving every day to live this way of life why there is no interest in pushing their opinion, ideas or involvement in the worldly importance of look what I have, look who I am game, or discussions with those who do not care and only want to argue. Those who notice this life stile and mindset amongst them eventually will know the difference between imposters and authentic and will move towards you for real deep important information as some may follow in to the information of a Diamond mind lifestyle. A Diamond mind example eventually leads to others living and wanting a better life. Not only for themselves, but for a continuing accelerating lost world.

Diamond mind life is a life long journey. There is no arrival as long as we are here. There is only improvement and mentors at higher levels of examples. All in the active pressing of become better every day.  It does not matter where we are, where we begin. The most important is the next step. The next hour, the next day, the next month, the next year.  This is not the majority thinking process. As a matter of fact it will be ridiculed by seduced infected minds like a repellent to an insect. That reaction is the ultimate complement to this better way of life mindset.

You are invited to live a Diamond mind life
It is finished
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